Figure This - The Wait #3 The Figure does This, nothing more nothing less. Figure This returns the focus back to the figure as the central role within the work. In doing so it sets out to observe the figure more closely, unveiling newly found aspects of her presence. The figure moves through a series of choreographic acts that sees her pushed to extremes. These acts are compulsive and enduring, they commence and end without warning leaving the figure suspended in periods of ‘not doing’. It is precisely in these periods of supposed ‘not doing’ that the figure is revealed (seen aside from that of herself caught within the physical acts) and a potential for closeness can be felt. The objects - a table and two monitors form a line at the front of the stage accentuating the theatrical perspective of the performance area. The figure’s actions, as she’s propelled into her rigorous acts of ‘doing’, move her across the space. Once commenced the figure is wholly committed to the rhythmic, continuous and physically consuming enactment, losing herself completely as she is overcome by movement. As each act comes to an abrupt stop the figure finds herself at the opposite stage direction from where she started. As she stands ‘not doing’ she acknowledges the audience. The time structure for the sound-score and the figure’s actions comprises of 9 sections of 5 minutes. Each act of ‘doing’ lasting 4 minutes and each suspension of ‘not doing’ lasting 1 minute. Within this structure each 4 minute section of ‘doing’ explores the second as a body of time, with the sound changing on every second. Over the duration of 45 minutes we also hear the sound-score evolve from electro-acoustic sound to wild-track sound recordings of people, animals, nature, T.V and radio entertainment and eventually leading to pockets of ‘silence’ capturing the sounds of empty rooms. The minutes of ‘not doing’ are accompanied by the sound of euphoric applause comprising of enthusiastic cheers of ‘bravo’ and disapproving hisses and ‘booing’. These conflicting responses throw a layer of humour onto the situation as figure stands ‘not doing’ and facing her actual audience. The extremely minimal videos for Figure This are screened across 2 monitors and hold a quiet presence within the whole. The time structure is autonomous to the rest of the activity in the piece and, as with the monitors as objects, are borrowed from STILL. The camera slowly glides across a photograph of an empty room that fills the frame of monitor 1. This slow panning action creates the illusion that the activity is happening within the actual room itself. The photograph is noted when the camera continues to pan off the still image and onto the white wall. The panning action continues across the white wall and for a long time ‘white’ fills the frame on both monitors. This sideways gliding movement seems imperceptible except for the subtle textural imperfections on the walls surface which reveal the constant action throughout. Eventually the camera pans onto the reverse image of the empty room which fills the frame of monitor 2. The camera lingers on the photograph for a few moments allowing for the illusion of an actual room to form in the minds eye before the panning reverses, moving slowly back across the photograph and onto the white wall once more. This slow side to side action across the two monitors continues throughout the piece discreetly playing with stillness/still image and movement/moving image. The images of the empty room act as bookends demarcating the space. Concept/Choreography/Performance Anna Krzystek Original Sound-Score Tom Murray Video Daniela de Paulis, Anna Krzystek, Tim Nunn (editing) Photography Tim Nunn Co-commissioned by New Territories International and Les Halles, Brussels Funding and support from Scottish Arts Council, CCA, The Work Room, Dance Base, Tramway, Catalyst Dance Management and Oblivia Premiere New Territories International, Tramway, Glasgow 2009 Subsequent performances Les Halles, Brussels 2010, European Performance Art Festival, Warsaw 2010, Ikon Gallery for British Dance Edition, Birmingham 2010, CCA for IETM, Glasgow 2010, Rencontres Choregraphiques Internationalles de Seine St Denis, Paris 2011 and as part of a mini retrospective of The Wait Series for Dance International Glasgow 2015