STILL - The Wait #2 As TEST presents an ongoing prelude to something that may or may not happen STILL visits the next stage of anticipation. STILL exists on the fine line between performance and installation. It explores an openness of an installation work whilst still utilising the structural tensions and clearly defined frontal perspective found in theatre performance allowing for the figure to fall in and out of focus encouraging the spectators eye to feely engage with the collaborative aspects of the work. STILL sees the figure merge and blend into the background as she shares the performance space with 5 video monitors each screening an aspect of the figure waiting in another room (a reflection back to the initial starting point for TEST). As the title suggests we see the figure embody moments of stillness through actions that pull her downward and onto the floor on par with the monitors, becoming somewhat objectified as if she is yet another object placed in the space. In the moments where she moves more freely and covers space between the monitors her gaze continues to be diverted away from the spectator as she continuously pans her head from side to side embodying the action of the panning camera in the video installation. It is only in the last minute, accompanied by single piano notes that she looks out and meets the eyes of the spectators, and then its over. The time score for STILL comprises of 5 sections (of 9 minutes) connecting to the 5 monitors placed in the space. The composition of the videos work in cohesion with the time structure through a process of looping. All 5 films run at the same time with each monitor showing a different aspect of the room in which the figure is waiting. The meditative looping is interrupted in the 4th section when all 5 monitors are suddenly engaged in a rapid sequence of images changing per second. Following this barrage of images the space is transformed. In the 5th section the monitors return to the previous looping sequence but all is not the same. Concept/Choreography/Performance Anna Krzystek Original Sound-Score Tom Murray Video & Photography Lucy Cash Co-commissioned by New Territories International Funding and support from Scottish Arts Council, CCA, Tramway, Dance Base, Dance House and Oblivia Premiere New Territories International, Tramway, Glasgow 2007 Subsequent performances UK Moves British Council Showcase, Roubaix, Toynbee Studios, London, Dance Live Festival, Aberdeen, Rencontres Choregraphiques Internationales de Seine St Denis, Paris, Alsager Arts Centre, Alsager