TEST - The Wait #1 TEST Exists as a series of in-between moments. From the beginning we share the figure’s introspective yet resonant presence forming tensions between herself and space, herself and time & herself and the audience. Within its sparse quiescence TEST radiates physical exertion to a point where the audience, no longer just observers, become accomplices in this seemingly on going waiting game. TEST eliminates predictability and acts as a test to exercise concentration. We encounter the figure testing herself as she explores ‘the time it takes’ in order to complete an action, remain within an action or abandon an action. She does this by sensing the audience and testing their expectations of what is happening before them. TEST is essentially performed to the sound of white noise emanating from a radio placed in space. The radio static also occupies a state of in-betweenness as it is caught between 2 stations. As the figures moves in proximity to the radio the static responds to the energetic waves created by her actions forming a basic and playful sense of interactivity and continual flux. The radio static is complemented by an electro-acoustic sound-score that responds to the happenings of the white noise playing with sound levels and introducing a subtle layering of additional sounds. Concept/Choreography/Performance Anna Krzystek Original Sound-Score Tom Murray Photography Tim Nunn Funding and support from Scottish Arts Council and CCA Premiere CCA, Glasgow 2005 Subsequent performances National Review Of Live Art @ Tramway, Glasgow, Les Halles, Brussels, Next Step 2 British Council Showcase, Vilnius, International Dance Festival, Bytom, Dance Live @ Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen,Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, ‘The Magic of Real Life in Real Situations’ Live Art Festival, CCA, Glasgow