BIOGRAPHY Anna Krzystek is a choreographer & performer based in Glasgow. 'One could go on for a long time about the genius and wonderful execution of Anna Krzystek's performance, she was absolutely superb' Robert Beaton (see The Wait Archive page) After having worked as a performer for a variety of choreographers Anna began developing her own choreographic work in 1997, tentatively at first with Zenogic Events ’97, Enter ’98, Zer-0 ’99, Inner Space ’99, Zer-0 into the Void 2000, Dream Study in Triplicate 2001, Stripped 2002 and then with a bolder conviction creating The Wait Series 2004 - 2013. Alongside developing her solo works Anna is also a core member of Helsinki based performance company Oblivia since 2000, devising, performing and touring the work across 26 cities in Europe as well as giving workshops. Anna is currently exploring and creating a new work, Untitled #1, the first of her Untitled Series exploring the premise of Nothing. Understanding the world rests on essentially nothing; absence and departure as well as presences. In looking at nothing everything comes into focus. Nothing is vast and inviting and lends itself as much to humour as it does to notions of the human condition and how we coexist in the world. Untitled #1 sees a grand departure from the small scale low tech productions of The Wait Series and introduces new collaborations into the working process. Untitled #1 moves into the realm of site-specific installation, adventurously engaging with expanded notions of duration as it extends laterally, exploding out wards in a visceral, aural and visual exploration of what is ‘there’ and what is ‘not there’ at the same time. Initial research and development for Untitled #1 was supported by Creative Scotland Artists Bursary (2014-15) and subsequent stages of development supported through Creative Scotland Open Project Fund and The Work Room, Glasgow (2016). Untitled #1 will premier in 2017/18.