THE WAIT SERIES "This a work that plays with our perceptions and perspectives of performance as well as the concepts of transformation and resolution. Playfully and perplexing we are engaged with ideas current in contemporary field theory and as ancient as medieval alchemy" Robert Beaton (see Archive page) TEST, STILL, Figure This, Face On and No End form a series of work based on the premise of waiting. Waiting in all degrees of ambiguity is experienced by everyone everyday. In these pieces the performer is referred to as the figure. Neither autobiographical nor wholly fictitious the figure embodies the physical and conceptual manifestations of The Wait. Her presence is at once both immediate and distant as she is placed in relation to time, space, sound, object and filmed image. The carefully deliberated juxtapositions of these elements create space for individual experiences to arise. The Wait Series looks to encourage our powers of seeing and hearing. They all blatantly use the formats and mechanisms found in the realm of theatre & performance. The works, however conceptual, are not divorced from the figure as first and foremost a performer who is performing. This level of directness offers a very rich relationship between the figure and her audience as she constantly conducts their attention throughout. Each work in the series is born of one or more aspects of the previous exploration as concepts are reflected upon, time structures are borrowed and placed in new contexts and physical embodiment of ideas take on new challenges. Some aspects seemingly remain the same but within that supposed sameness a vast difference occurs. Each work can be viewed individually. The Wait Series is low tech and made to be presented in both white cube and black box spaces. The use of monitors allows for a parallel stream of activity to take place. The monitors, as objects, hold their own physical presence and assist in defining the performance area, at times acting as anchors for the figures movement.