UNTITLED #1 Untitled #1 takes the form of a large scale installation work that interweaves durational performance, sound, light and set design. Each of these collaborative aspects also hold their own independent means of expression within the whole as the work morphs through states of becoming & continuous reinvention. Untitled #1 enters the speculative mode. In doing so Untitled #1 oscillates between a known entity (the stage, concepts of ‘stage time’ & ’stage presence’ and structure) and an unknown state of things (amorphous and indeterminate actions and intentions, expanded notions of time and presence). Fundamentally Untitled #1 muses on the performer who goes ‘On’ and ‘Off’ stage. In the beginning these moments of ‘On’ and ‘Off’ are contextual and recognisable but after a while they become interchangeable as the performer deals with moments of ‘Off’ within the ‘On’ and visa versa. The ‘Off’ eventually becoming the ‘On’ by means of perpetual ongoingness. The constructed space for Untitled #1 comprises of a ‘Front’ space and a ‘Back’ space denoting a spacial interpretation of ‘On’ and ‘Off’. What commences as clear distinctions of ‘Front’ and ‘Back’ also become blurred. What seemed to be an uncomplicated vantage point from which to view the work becomes nebulous and audiences are encouraged to move around the installation in order to find alternative ways of engaging with it. By using the combination of ‘Performer’, ‘On’ and ‘Off’ & ‘Back and Front’ Untitled #1 explores Nothing in both its primary condition as an opposite of something and its secondary condition as an absence of something. Playfully observing what constitutes as a ‘given’ and what constitutes as an ‘act’. Concept/Choreography/performance Anna Krzystek Original Sound-Score Tom Murray Lighting Design Meri Ekola Installation/Set Deign David Bernard Photography Tim Nunn Documentation Simon Fildes/Goat Media Producer Steve Slater/Tactical.A.U Initial research and development for Untitled #1 was supported by Creative Scotland Artists Bursary (2014-15) and subsequent stages of development supported through Creative Scotland Open Project Fund and The Work Room, Glasgow (2016). Untitled #1 (a work-in-progress stage 4), The Work Room, Tramway, Glasgow, March 2016 Untitled #1 (a work-in-progress stage 3), The Work Room, Tramway, Glasgow, August 2015 Untitled #1 (a work-in-progress stage 2) Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock, May 2015 Untitled #1 (a work-in-progress stage 1) The Work Room, Tramway, Glasgow, Sept 2014