UNTITLED SERIES - ABOUT The Untitled Series will develop as a series of works exploring Nothing. "From the very beginning not a single thing. In that not-a-single-thing is inexhaustible treasure" Takashina Rosen: Zen After completing The Wait Series (2004 - 2013) I felt the need to simply abandon everything and see what would happen. I was drawn to the concept of Nothing initially from a very personal & existential narrative but, in parallel, I was also intrigued by ideas relating to the practice of Zen and by the evolving philosophical inquiry of Speculative Realism. Not forgetting to mention a level of rhetorical humour - in answer to the question ‘What is your piece about?’ my answer would be ‘Nothing’. Of course there never is nothing and this creates a playful tension - in actuality I’m exploring everything and all that there is. Looking at what is ‘there’ and what is ‘not there’ at the same time. And so, by oscillating between positive and negative, beginnings and endings, the personal (internal) and the formal (external) I will enter the speculative mode of nothing matters and see what happens. And for a minimalist this exploration could indeed turn messy and quite bizarre. The Untitled Series began as a seed of thought after completing No End in 2013 and has since been developing at a progressive pace, at first by myself and then by inviting collaborators into the process. Various stages of development for Untitled #1 have been presented as work-in-progress showings at The Work Room, Glasgow and Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock. "While it is true that everything visible is becoming it is not true that all becoming is visible" Ian Hamilton Grant